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docker container for vault with builtin etcd configuration.
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docker container for vault with builtin etcd configuration.

how to use?

$ docker pull gici/vault-coreos
$ docker run -d gici/vault-coreos \              
             -e ETCD_ADDRESS="http://${COREOS_PRIVATE_IPV4}:4001"
             -e ETCD_ADVERTISE="http://${COREOS_PRIVATE_IPV4}:8200"
             -e VAULT_ADDRESS=""
             -p 8200:8200 # specific binding used for advertisement
             --cap-add IPC_LOCK # this is important!

basic configuration

backend "etcd" {
  path = "vault/"

listener "tcp" {
  tls_disable = 1


When the the following environment variables are set, the configuration changes accordingly:

  • ETCD_ADDRESS: The address(es) of the etcd instance(s) to talk to. Can be comma separated list (protocol://host:port) of many etcd instances. Defaults to "http://localhost:2379" if not specified.
  • ETCD_ADVERTISE: The address to advertise to other Vault servers in the cluster for request forwarding.
  • VAULT_ADDRESS: The address to bind to for listening. This defaults to "".
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