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Vault Unseal Image
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docker container that unseals vault when it's been sealed

how to use?

  1. create a file containing shared master keys that unseal your desired vault
    • shared master keys are separated by newline
    • it's recommended to pass only one key per container, and distribute the containers/keys to multiple machines.
  2. run it and pass the keys file:
# you'll need to set VAULT_ADDR
# otherwise, pass it.

docker run -d \
           -v /path/to/master/keys:/home/vault/keys \
           -e VAULT_ADDR=$VAULT_ADDR \
  • You can use this snippet to create key file with relevant permissions (remeber to replace $PWD with required target):
docker run --rm -v $PWD:/target busybox sh -c 'mkdir -p /target/.vault && echo asd >> /target/.vault/keys && chmod -R go-rx /target/.vault && echo Done'
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