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Testbed with CUDA and pyCUDA
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This Dockerfile is for use on aws.


Copy libcuda driver library into your build directory
excluding the symbolic links. For example:

cp -R /usr/lib64/*.* .
cp -R /usr/lib64/*.* .

Then make your own build Dockerfile containing e.g.:

FROM gin66/pycuda
RUN useradd -u 1000 -m ec2-user
USER 1000

Build your docker image:

docker build -t cuda .


Running cmd like bash or nvcc:

docker run -it --rm -w /home/ec2-user -v `pwd`:/home/ec2-user \
        --device /dev/nvidia0:/dev/nvidia0 \
        --device /dev/nvidiactl:/dev/nvidiactl \
        --device /dev/nvidia-uvm:/dev/nvidia-uvm \
        cuda cmd

In order to expose all /dev/nvidia... files into the docker container,
best to use something like:

export DEVS="`find /dev -name 'nvidia*' -printf '--device %f:%f '`"
export TDEV="-v /dev/nvidia-uvm:/dev/nvidia-uvm"
export USER="-w /home/ec2-user -v /home/ec2-user:/home/ec2-user"
docker run -it --rm $USER $DEVS $TDEV cuda $*
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