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OpenSimulator Metaverse server - binary standalone distribution with external mysql/mariadb server
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binary distribution standalone configuration

with external mysql/mariadb server at an external IP (

This Docker image provides a light base binary install with Mono, for .NET and OpenSimulator
deployment on Linux, linked to an external database server that keep persistence.

The default standalone configuration as described here.

Suggested usage:

Step 1

open bash session inside the docker image

$ sudo docker run -it -p 9001:9001/udp -p 9001:9001/tcp giodegas/osbin-extdb bash

Step 2

if started for the first time:

$ rm Regions/Regions.ini 
$ mono OpenSim.exe

You should be able to login with a SL compatibile viewer, with the loginuri:


and answer to all the basic questions (Region Name, Estate name, Owner avatar name, password, ...), but remember to use 97098393-a57d-4e28-90d5-6f185e557c8a as region ID, the same used in the Regions.ini file

(if you prefer to have your own region ID, fork this repository and change the included Regions.ini file)

Step 3


$ mono OpenSim.exe

(it will connect to the external DB with persistence)

Step 4

after you are done with building/scripting, to make a backup of your region, in the OpenSim console:

$ save oar <OARfileName>.oar
$ quit

then you can use scp (secure copy through ssh) to save your region backup OAR file to an external IP host:

$ scp <OARfileName>.oar <username>@<host>:.

If you are using boot2docker, remember to configure properly the port forwarding table in Virtual Box :
![Port Forwarding table]

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