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Janus WebRTC Gateway Docker image built from sources
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Janus WebRTC compiled from sources as follows

libsrtp version:           2.0.x
SSL/crypto library:        OpenSSL
DataChannels support:      yes
Recordings post-processor: yes
TURN REST API client:      yes
Doxygen documentation:     no
    REST (HTTP/HTTPS):     yes
    WebSockets:            yes (new API)
    RabbitMQ:              no
    MQTT:                  no
    Unix Sockets:          yes
    Echo Test:             yes
    Streaming:             yes
    Video Call:            yes
    SIP Gateway:           no
    Audio Bridge:          yes
    Video Room:            yes
    Voice Mail:            yes
    Record&Play:           yes
    Text Room:             yes
Event handlers:
    Sample event handler:  yes

Pulling the image

The image is available on docker hub as automated build

docker pull giordanocardillo/janus-fromsrc-wsonly:alpine

Running the container

A run configuration could be the following (host network is advisable to avoid ICE problems)

docker run -d --network=host -v /root/janus:/opt/janus/etc/janus --name janus giordanocardillo/janus-fromsrc-wsonly:alpine

Configuration samples

Configuration is shipped within the container, to copy it to the host machine use the following command (after the container is started)

docker cp janus:/root/janus /root

Then restart the container

docker restart janus

Converting recorded files

The image is configured to provide janus-pp-rec utility to convert recorded files and is stored in /opt/janus/bin/janus-pp-rec

The image in this branch is based on alpine 3.6, so you must use that OS to make the executable work.

To make it work, the following packages must be installed

  • jansson
  • ffmpeg-libs
sudo apk add jansson ffmpeg-libs

To use it, copy it from the docker container

docker cp janus:/opt/janus/bin/janus-pp-rec /usr/local/bin

Then convert recordings with

janus-pp-rec /opt/janus/share/janus/recordings/video.mjr /opt/janus/share/janus/recordings/video.webm
janus-pp-rec /opt/janus/share/janus/recordings/audio.mjr /opt/janus/share/janus/recordings/audio.opus

Merging audio and video

Install ffmpeg

sudo apk add ffmpeg

Then merge the files

ffmpeg -i audio.opus -i video.webm  -c:v copy -c:a copy -strict experimental mergedoutput.webm


Thanks to Meetecho for the wonderful Janus project

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