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The problem

Imagine you're in that situation:

  • You're running a lot of different applications on your server
  • They are hosted in docker containers and they all export a port accessible using HTTP
  • You want to have a nginx as a front-end
  • You obviously want that nginx to be hosted in a docker
  • You don't want to restart the nginx container each time a configuration file has been changed, you just want to reload it.

Now, each time you remove/start a container, a new IP address will be allocated. You don't want to find it and write it in a config file by hand each time you restart a container.

You don't want your nginx container to explicitly depend upon all your other application because it will require to remove/restart your nginx each time you remove/restart any application container.

The solution

This solution is composed of two images :


Using crane

Crane example

Using raw docker commands

raw docker example

Docker Pull Command
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