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Docker container for Sage (
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Docker container for Sage (

Please please, read that decription on the project page on, the markdown render on the registry hub tend to corrupt information.

The Dockerfile builds Sage 6.4.1 from source.

  • project page:

  • registry page:

  • Note: This build is not an automated build because sagemath takes too much time to compile, the automated build timeout !

  • Warning: Sage 6.4.1 has a regression about command line arguments. If you're using "--notebook arg1 arg2 arg3", you SHOULD either use the form name1=value1 for arg1, or the form "'value1'". Just using value1 or "value1" will result in an error due to a bug involving unitialized variable named 'value'.


  • You need a bit more RAM than the standard Docker Vagrantfile gives you.
    I recommend at least 1 GB of RAM on your VM.
  • The build takes a really long time, probably several hours.
  • The builds take a lot of disk space (several GB).


Console interactive sage

$ sudo docker run -ti --name=isage gissehel/sagemath

Http server

Define a folder on the host to store the notebook. For example (and all the above) /opt/dockerstore/notebook

Interactivey setup your server with the folder /opt/dockerstore/notebook mounted as /home/sage/notebook.sagenb : sudo docker run -ti -rm -v /opt/dockerstore/notebook:/home/sage/notebook.sagenb gissehel/sagemath

Then at prompt launch notebook("/home/sage/notebook","8080","")

It will look like:

$ sudo docker run -ti -rm -v /opt/dockerstore/notebook:/home/sage/notebook.sagenb gissehel/sagemath
│ Sage Version 6.4.1, Release Date: 2014-11-23                       │
│ Type "notebook()" for the browser-based notebook interface.        │
│ Type "help()" for help.                                            │
sage: notebook("/home/sage/notebook","8080","")

Then once your folder has been initialised, every other starts will look like :

$ sudo docker run -d -v /opt/dockerstore/notebook:/home/sage/notebook.sagenb -p --name=sage gissehel/sagemath --notebook=default "'/home/sage/notebook'" "'8080'" "''"


As command line argument parsing has changed between version 6.3 and 6.4.1, here is how to run sagemath for different versions:


$ sudo docker run -ti -rm -v /opt/dockerstore/notebook:/home/sage/notebook.sagenb gissehel/sagemath:6.4.1
$ sudo docker run -d -v /opt/dockerstore/notebook:/home/sage/notebook.sagenb -p --name=sage gissehel/sagemath:6.4.1 --notebook=default "'/home/sage/notebook'"  "'8080'"  "''"


$ sudo docker run -ti -rm -v /opt/dockerstore/notebook:/home/sage/notebook.sagenb gissehel/sagemath:6.3
$ sudo docker run -d -v /opt/dockerstore/notebook:/home/sage/notebook.sagenb -p --name=sage gissehel/sagemath:6.3 -notebook /home/sage/notebook 8080
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