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GitLab CI Multi Runner used to fetch and run pipeline jobs with GitLab CI
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GitLab Runner Docker images

We don't monitor the comments here, if you need help with running this GitLab Runner Docker image, please see

gitlab/gitlab-runner:latest is image that can be used to run GitLab Runner in container.

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2 months ago

Any chance to have the same for Windows?

4 months ago

If the register command could be implement to ENV, that would be great help to deploy it


4 months ago

Could you update the Source Repository definition for this image? The last build was (at the time I write this) 20 hours ago, but the source repository listed, ayufan/gitlab-ci-multi-runner, has no changes since September 2016...

5 months ago


gitlab-ci-multi-runner and gitlab-runner are the same projects. In the future we plan to switch entirely to the gitlab-runner name -

Currently in all new places (like documentation) we're using the new name. Also provided packages and Docker images already have a gitlab-runner symlink pointing to the gitlab-ci-multi-runner binary.


please create an issue in GitLab Runner issue tracker, if there is no similar already, and provide some details there.

5 months ago

what's the difference between gitlab-runner and gitlab-ci-multi-runner

5 months ago

If I run my docker executer privileged and with volume mount to /var/run/docker.sock I'm able to pull images and test but I'm still ain't able to build and push containers to external repository

9 months ago

You should probably update docker-machine, i have issues with centos based images (openstack):

10 months ago

gitlab/gitlab-runner for v1.6.1 was released and pushed to Also we've updated the images build process so the old-stable branches builds should not use the :latest, :alpine and :ubuntu tags any more -

10 months ago

smiklosovic: I found a way to use private registry with gitlab-runner in docker.

In the docker container you need a /root/.docker/config.json with auth settings for private registry. I used docker login ... on the host where I run gitlab-runner docker container and then copied ~/.docker/config.json to /root/.docker/config.json in docker container. After that gitlab-runner was able to pull images from my GitLab registry

10 months ago

The code is tagged v1.6.0 a few days ago. Will it be available in this registry?