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Docker Joomla Apache server

This repository contains an image with Joomla's latest release based upon the gjong/apache docker image. It contains:

  • Apache 2.x, with PHP
  • MySQL
  • Joomla

Getting the container

You can get the image by running, this will install this image into your local docker repository.

docker pull gjong/apache-joomla

Running the container

When the container starts it will automatically start the Apache webserver with Joomla installation and MySQL. The Apache server
will be running on port 80, which is also exposed out of the container.

You can run the container with access to the webserver by running:

docker run -d -p 80:80 gjong/apache-joomla

Once the container is running you will get a joomla website on http://localhost/ that still needs to be configured using
the installation script. The password for the database is left blank, so you can create the Joomla website easily.

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3 years ago

If you want to continue with the previous state you can either commit your running container (see

Or start it with a --name option, this allows you to restart the container using the name.

3 years ago

I'm new to Docker. How can I persist the content when I stop the container?