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An nginx proxy that works on docker swarm through docker service command
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Nginxy is a nginx configuration generator that using docker swarm , nginxy watch the docker swarm event for service created and then generating the nginx configuration automatically

How to Compile

CGO_ENABLED=0 go build -o nginxy nginxy.go nginx-conf.go

How to Run

By default nginxy will set the endpoint of docker socket to /tmp/docker.sock but can be adjustable using the parameter

Usage of nginxy:
  -endpoint string
        Docker Endpoint (socket only) (default "/tmp/docker.sock")

How to Use

1. Non-Docker Environment

Just execute the nginxy using the -endpoint parameter

nginxy -endpoint /var/run/docker.sock

2. Docker Environment

  • Build this nginxy image
docker build -t nginxy .
  • Make sure the docker is swarm enabled

  • Create the swarm Overlay Network first

docker network create --driver overlay --subnet \
nginxy-backend --attachable
  • Make sure the nginxy container run on manager node
docker service create --network nginxy-backend --name nginxy \
--constraint 'node.role == manager' --publish 80:80 --publish 443:443 \
--mount type=bind,src=/var/run/docker.sock,dst=/tmp/docker.sock,ro=true \
--mount type=bind,src=/opt/ssl,dst=/etc/nginx/certs nginxy

Other Service Creating

If there are new service(s) created on swarm, nginxy will watch it and update the nginx configuration and reload it based on the service labels:

  • example running hello-world app (with SSL)

    docker service create --label \
    --label nginxy.port=3000 --label nginxy.ssl=true \
    --label nginxy.ssl.cert=hello.cert --label nginxy.ssl.key=hello.key \
    --name hello
  • example running hello-world app (non SSL)

    docker service create --label \
    --label nginxy.port=3000 --name hello

Labels Description :

  • nginxy.domain set the domain name
  • nginxy.port set the exposed container port
  • nginxy.ssl set to true if using ssl
  • nginxy.ssl.cert name of certificate
  • nginxy.ssl.key name of the certificate key
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