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IoT Platform CEP

What is IoT Platform CEP?

The Alexandra Institutes IoT Platform is a micro-service platform for the Internet of Things. The communication backbone is the Kafka Message System which all other components use for inter-service communication. This repository is a Complex Event Processing engine, that can be used in the context of the IoT Platform, or as a standalone component.

The image is maintained by Thomas Gilbert. You can reach me at for help or if you have a comment about the image.


  • Dockerized version of the WSO2CEP
  • For beginners
  • Can be used for creating ad-hoc queries or deploying C-App packages
  • Supports both MQTT and Kafka
  • WebUI for configuration and monitoring
  • Queries can be modified on the fly - either through the UI or the filesystem.
  • Supports distribution with Storm



There are several ways to run the program:

  • First try, is this even worth my time ?
    • docker run --rm -it -p 9443:9443 glagnar/wso2cep
  • Mount a pre-made folder with example code
    • docker run -d -p 9443:9443 -v $PWD/src/server:/usr/src/code glagnar/wso2cep
  • Mount with individual mount points for each of the four relevant folders
    • eventpublishers
    • eventreceivers
    • eventstreams
    • executionplans
  • Create your own docker image based on this one. ( See below )

Create your own

To create your own image, containing your own queries you need to create your own Dockerfile.

FROM glagnar/wso2cep:latest
COPY ./src/server /usr/src/code
WORKDIR /usr/src/wso2cep/bin
CMD ["./"]


  • Add mountpoints etc. for persistance of C-App's.


This could not be possible if it were'nt for the guy's behind Siddhi and WSO2

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