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Consul in Docker

Looking for what used to be progrium/consul? Look in the legacy branch.



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a year ago

Hi; per the comment on these images aren't deprecated, but as they are maintained on a volunteer basis there aren't yet any 0.7 images. (I don't have any official role, just relaying this info from the github issue to here)

a year ago

Is this repo still maintained or has it been deprecated in favor of ? 0.7 is now out...

2 years ago

Any official documentation and examples ?

2 years ago

Im facing this problem "Error starting agent: Failed to get advertise address: Multiple private IPs found. Please configure one." any help?

2 years ago

Note for those others who came here and were extremely confused by the incorrect instructions:

1) use gliderlabs/consul-server if you want the UI and agent, gliderlabs/consul-agent if you just want the server
2) See below for a Marathon deploy json

"id": "consul",
"args": ["-server", "-bootstrap", "-advertise="],
"instances": 1,
"cpus": 0.2,
"mem": 150,
"uris": [],
"container": {
"type": "DOCKER",
"docker": {
"image": "gliderlabs/consul-server",
"network": "BRIDGE",
"parameters": [
{ "key": "hostname", "value": "consul-node1" },
{ "key": "publish", "value": "8300:8300" },
{ "key": "publish", "value": "8301:8301" },
{ "key": "publish", "value": "8301:8301/udp" },
{ "key": "publish", "value": "8302:8302" },
{ "key": "publish", "value": "8302:8302/udp" },
{ "key": "publish", "value": "8400:8400" },
{ "key": "publish", "value": "8500:8500" },
{ "key": "publish", "value": "53:53/udp" }

2 years ago

These docs seem to be for the progrium/consul repository I note this image uses alpine, has a newer version of consul and doesn't include docker or the described scripts.