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Official GlusterFS Image [ CentOS-7 + GlusterFS ( latest release) ]
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This dockerfile can be used to build a CentOS Gluster Container.

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9 days ago

Does this image work for running gluster inside a container or is it only for building a customized image? I copy/paste the following command verbatim from the repo README onto a RancherOS 1.1.0 host:

$ docker run -v /etc/glusterfs:/etc/glusterfs:z -v /var/lib/glusterd:/var/lib/glusterd:z -v /var/log/glusterfs:/var/log/glusterfs:z -v /sys/fs/cgroup:/sys/fs/cgroup:ro -d --privileged=true --net=host -v /dev/:/dev gluster/gluster-centos

The container starts but the container logs don't show anything. When I exec into the container and attempt to run "gluster peer status" it gives me an error message that the service isn't running. When I attempt to check the service status I get a D-Bus warning message.

I can't tell if it's something I'm doing wrong or if there is something wrong with the image.

21 days ago


Please, coul you update or push an image with the last version of glusterfs, at least >= 3.11?, thank you.

3 months ago

Anybody konw why can't create glusterfs snapshot in container ? The error is :

[2017-06-15 03:34:08.094075] E [MSGID: 106030] [glusterd-snapshot.c:5230:glusterd_take_brick_snapshot] 0-management: Failed to take snapshot of brick
[2017-06-15 03:34:08.094092] E [MSGID: 106030] [glusterd-snapshot.c:6564:glusterd_take_brick_snapshot_task] 0-management: Failed to take backend snapshot for brick volume(c51b17a0bb1b458089568f49753aad80)
[2017-06-15 03:34:08.094187] E [MSGID: 106030] [glusterd-snapshot.c:6706:glusterd_schedule_brick_snapshot] 0-management: Failed to create snapshot
[2017-06-15 03:34:08.094192] E [MSGID: 106030] [glusterd-snapshot.c:7025:glusterd_snapshot_create_commit] 0-management: Failed to take backend snapshot snap_GMT-2017.06.15-03.34.07
[2017-06-15 03:34:08.094863] E [MSGID: 106030] [glusterd-snapshot.c:8458:glusterd_snapshot] 0-management: Failed to create snapshot

5 months ago

The docker file has a bug:

the quotes in this line are "invalid" quotes: VOLUME [ “/sys/fs/cgroup” ]

” vs "

7 months ago

If you want to run gluster containers in Kubernetes, please see

8 months ago

What are the environmental variables for using this with Kubernetes?

8 months ago

@eleroy, its a standalone image. but this can be used to build a gluster trusted pool. This url may help

9 months ago

Is this a stand alone image, or is it actually possible to build a cluster out of this? If so, what are the steps for cluster discovery etc...

10 months ago

@r1ckr Updated README, Thanks for extra notes on this !

10 months ago

@kpandyadocker the latest keep updating and at present we have "latest, 3.8 and 3.7" GlusterFS versions. If you still need GlusterFS 3.6, I have to create a branch and tag it.