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Run ZNC with the Palaver push module.
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You need to supply your own configuration, since znc lets you edit it on the fly; /.znc is a volume where you should put your .znc directory.

Run once like:

docker run --rm --user=UID-with-write-to-znc-state -it -v where-you-want-to-keep-znc-state:/.znc glyph/znc --makeconf

exit after generating your config, and subsequently:

docker run --user=UID-with-write-to-znc-state --restart=always --name=znc -v where-you-want-to-keep-znc-state:/.znc -p 6997:6997 glyph/znc

It EXPOSEs two ports, 6997 and 9458, in case you want different ports for plaintext and SSL; you'll need to configure things appropriately for SSL.

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