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dev env
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This is my personal configuration files backup. The idea and many
configuration files are from sontek/dotfiles in Thanks
very much.

Any file which matches the shell glob _* will be linked into $HOME
as a symlink with the first _ replaced with a .
For example:




So, just add a _* style file, if you want new configuration files.

Install softwares

Run and follow the prompts:

./ -t all

Use the following command if you just want vim:

./ -t vim

Or restore the original files

./ -t restore



This suit configurations need the following softwares:

  • git, vim, tmux
  • mutt, offlineimap, msmtp, python, keyring(python module)
  • irssi, gnupg

Setting passord for mail client manually

This step is mainly for offlineimap and mstp, and the parameters are based on
the configuration files(.msmtprc and .offlineimaprc). For instance:

$ python -c "import keyring; keyring.set_password('', 'user', 'PASSWORD')"
# Test that the password is successfully stored:
$ python -c "import keyring; print keyring.get_password('', 'user')"
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