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iRODS icommand client
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iCAT server, installed from iRODS binaries, and postgresql server executed from
the same host; everything enabled by Ansible.

This repository contains also Dockerfile for iRODS automated
build published to the Docker Hub Registry.

Useful for testing/development.

Docker images

Docker images of two containers are available at Docker hub:

iCAT server using local postgresql

iCommands client


You need docker-engine and docker-compose


Clone the repository: git clone

Cd into the docker directory: cd boxed-irods/docker

Pull containers images fro the hub: ./ pull

Only the first time:

  • Do the first setup of iRODS: ./ run irods /irods_first_setup

  • Configure iRODs account (default username: iuser, type: rodsuser): ./ run irods /irods_config

Bring up the containers: ./ up -d

How to use iRODS icommands

Open a bash shell into the icommands container: docker exec -ti icommands /bin/bash

Init the iRODS environment of the user: iinit

Default values

iRODS version: 4.1.8

iRODS service account: irods

iRODS zone: tempZone

iRODS port: 1247

iRODS admin: rods

iRODS user: iuser

db host: localhost

db port: 5432

db name: ICAT

db user: irods

password (for everything): irods123


The work of pdonorio at has been very useful.

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