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CentOS 6 dockerfile for PostgreSQL 9.6 and MADlib 1.10 (
MADlib is a collection of UDFs for scalable in-database analytics and statistical modeling.

  1. This image is available on dockerhub
    $ docker pull gmodena/centos-pgsql-madlib
    Alternatively, you can clone the git repo and build with
    $ ./
  2. Run

PostreSQL listens on port 5432 in the container; if port 5432 is open on your host you can run:

$ docker run  -dit -p 5432:5432 gmodena/centos-pgsql-madlib

otherwise, to assign a random port that maps to 5432 on the container:

$ docker run  -dit -p 5432 gmodena/centos-pgsql-madlib

You can see the random port the container is listening on with:

$ docker ps

It might take a while for pgsql to start up. You cam monitor the service status with

$ pg_isready -h localhost -p 5432
localhost:5432 - accepting connections
  1. Usage and test
    $ psql -h localhost -p 5432 -d maddb -U madlib --password
    maddb=# \d
               List of relations
    Schema | Name | Type | Owner
    madlib | migrationhistory | table | madlib
    madlib | migrationhistory_id_seq | sequence | madlib

The default password for this user and database is password.

Examples for getting started with MADlib can be found at

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