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Airpal(Presto Web UI from Airbnb) docker image for development and testing purposes.

What's inside

 |--- zhicwu/java:8
       |--- zhicwu/airpal:0.1

How to use

  • Pull the image
    # docker pull zhicwu/airpal
  • Setup scripts
    # git clone
    # cd docker-airpal
    # chmod +x *.sh
  • Edit
  • Start Airpal
    # ./
    # docker logs -f my-airpal
    You can now access the web UI via http://hostname:8081.
    Note: too bad airpal can be only built against Presto 0.77 at the moment. However, it seems working with Presto 0.136 but not perfectly.

How to build

# git clone
# cd docker-airpal
# chmod +x *.sh airpal
# docker build -t zhicwu/airpal .
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