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Docker image for gnocchixyz/gnocchi travis CI
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gnocchixyz-ci-tools is a set of tools used by the gnocchixyz CI to configure
Travis and GitHub.

GitHub branches protections

GitHub projects branches configuration can be done with::

$ gnocchixyz-branches-config gnocchixyz/python-gnocchiclient

It sets up master and stable/* branches permissions so that they are
protected and cannot be pushed directly and requires Travis-CI to be pass
before merge anything.

You can protect only one branch by passing the --branch option::

gnocchixyz-branches-config gnocchixyz/python-gnocchiclient --branch stable/3.1

When a new branch is created this script must be run again to set the right
permissions for the new branch.

Travis CI docker image

The docker image used by Travis CI is hosted here:

The image is automatically rebuilt on each change done on this repository by
dockerhub itself.

If needed, a manual rebuild can be done by using the dockerhub gnocchixyz

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