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The DigiPal framework (see A web application for palaeographical analysis.
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From version 2.0 onward, DigiPal framework is now called Archetype. Please download and install from kingsdigitallab/archetype instead.

The following information is for legacy DigiPal 1.x.


This is a self-contained image of a working DigiPal framework, a freely-available generalised framework for the online presentation of images with structured annotations and data which allows scholars to search for, view, and organise detailed characteristics of handwriting or other material in both verbal and visual form. Read more about the project and its framework on the DigiPal website.

DigiPal Image

This docker image is for people who want to try out DigiPal, want a personal instance of the framework for their own research or want to contribute to the development of the framework.

Download and run the Image

Download the image:

docker pull gnoelddh/digipal

Alternatively you can build the image from the DigiPal Dockerfile hosted on Github.

Then start a new container:

docker run -t -i -p 8080:8080 -p 8081:8081 -p 2222:22 gnoelddh/digipal

If you are using boot2docker, please make sure your boot2docker VM has the following port mapping defined: 8080, 8081, 2222. General instruction on how to change port mapping in Virtual Box.

Accessing your instance of DigiPal

Once the container is running you can access the web site by pointing your browser to localhost:8080 on your host OS.

You can go to the admin interface at http://localhost:8080/admin/ . The username is admin and the password is admin.

Content of the Image

The image contains, among others, the following applications and libraries:

  • Python 2, with Django and Mezzanine
  • Bootstrap
  • PostgreSQL (database 'digipal' is owned by user app_digipal with password dppsqlpass)
  • Lighttp
  • IIP Image Server
  • ImageMagick

Upgrading your framework (for developers only)

To upgrade your DigiPal framework to the latest version, log into your running container:

 docker exec -t -i CONTAINERID bash

Where CONTAINERID is the ID of your running DigiPal container. You can obtain it by running this command and looking at the first column:

docker ps

Once inside the container, run the following commands:

cd /home/digipal
cp digipal/  digipal/
python digipal/ pull


The DigiPal framework code is open source and available on GitHub.

Feedbacks and Issues

Any problem can be reported on the DigiPal issue tracker on GitHib.

Geoffroy Noel

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