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The GENIE MC Event Generator
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GENIE is a suite of products (Generator, Comparisons, Tuning) for the experimental neutrino community. It is supported and developed by an international collaboration of scientists. The well-known Generator implements a modern framework for neutrino Monte Carlos and includes state-of-the-art physics modules. The GENIE physics model is universal and comprehensive: It handles all neutrinos and targets, and all processes relevant from MeV to PeV energy scales. The Generator includes several tools (flux drivers, detector geometry navigators, specialized event generation apps, event reweighting engines) to simulate complex experimental setups in full detail and to support generator-related analysis tasks. The GENIE Generator is used by several neutrino experiments and its predictions serve as standard reference points for the neutrino community. The Comparisons product includes extensive curated archives of neutrino, charged-lepton and hadron-nucleus scattering data, as well as software to produce a comprehensive set of data/MC comparisons. Finally, the Tuning product implements a generator tuning framework and includes applications implementing the GENIE tuning procedure.

See the GENIE homepage, for more information.

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