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Atomicapp is a reference implementation of the Nulecule Specification. It can be used to bootstrap container applications and to install and run them. Atomicapp is designed to be run in a container context. Examples using this tool may be found in the Nulecule examples directory.

Getting Started

Atomicapp is packaged as a container. End-users typically do not install the software from source. Instead use the atomicapp container as the FROM line in a Dockerfile and package your application on top. For example:

FROM projectatomic/atomicapp:0.1.1


ADD /Nulecule /Dockerfile /application-entity/
ADD /artifacts /application-entity/artifacts

For more information see the Nulecule getting started guide.


First of all, clone the github repository: git clone

Install this project

Simply run

pip install .

If you want to do some changes to the code, I suggest to do:

cd atomicapp
alias atomicapp="`pwd`/atomicapp/cli/"


atomicapp [--dry-run] build [TAG]

Calls Docker build to package up the application and tags the resulting image.

Install and Run

atomicapp [--dry-run] [-a answers.conf] install|run [--recursive] [--update] [--destination DST_PATH] APP|PATH

Pulls the application and it's dependencies. If the last argument is
existing path, it looks for Nulecule file there instead of pulling anything.

  • --recursive yes|no Pull whole dependency tree
  • --update Overwrite any existing files
  • --destination DST_PATH Unpack the application into given directory instead of current directory
  • APP Name of the image containing the application (f.e. vpavlin/wp-app)
  • PATH Path to a directory with installed (i.e. result of atomicapp install ...) app

Action run performs install prior it's own tasks are executed if APP is given. When run is selected, providers' code is invoked and containers are deployed.


Providers represent various deployment targets. They can be added by placing a file called in providers/. This file needs to implement the interface explained in (providers/ For a detailed description of all providers available see the Provider description.


As of Version 0.1.1 Atomicapp uses Python 2.7.5 and Anymarkup.

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Copyright (C) 2015 Red Hat Inc.

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License, version
3, as published by the Free Software Foundation. For details see

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