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Docker image to run irssi IRC client


docker build --tag goldmann/irssi `dirname "$0"`


docker kill irssi
docker rm irssi
docker run -d --name irssi -it -m 50m -v /home/$USER/docker/irssi:/home/irssi/data goldmann/irssi


Using screen is a convenient wayt to havea remote IRC session. The goldmann/irssi image can be used with screen in a very simple way. Start the goldmann/irssi image as mentioned above. Then execute this:

screen -S irssi -p irssi -t irssi -dR

A new screen session will be created (or old reused, depends). Then attach to the irssi container with:

docker attach irssi

Now you can easily detach from the container with ctrl+a d. Now it's time for magic. Add this to your .bashrc (or .zshrc) file:

alias irssi_remote="ssh -t REMOTE_HOST screen -S irssi -p irssi -t irssi -dR"

Now, when you execute irss_remote command on your host, you'll connect to your remote host and attach to the running irssi!


If you run the container on a SELinux-enabled host (for example on Fedora) you
need to change the SELinux label of the directory that contains the configuration
to make it writable but the irssi process running inside of the container:

chcon -t svirt_sandbox_file_t -R /home/$USER/docker/irssi
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