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Recommendation as a Service (E-Commerce Recommendation)
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Recommendation as a Service

This docker image contains recommendation engine based on E-Commerce Recommendation template

How to use

docker pull goliasz/raas-micro-e:1.0

Once pulled just create a profile in PubNub. Find your PubKey and SubKey. Imagine your channel name and use this information for running the container.

docker run -it --hostname reco0 --name reco0 -e "PN_PUBKEY=pub-c-1113-demo-3" -e "PN_SUBKEY=sub-c-1f1a-demo" -e "PN_REQ_CHANNEL=Channel-my-demo0" -e "PN_RES_CHANNEL=Channel-my-demo0" goliasz/raas-micro-e:1.0 /MyEngine/

Once container is started it is ready for training and serving recommendations.

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