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NewRelic Servers agent in docker (not 100% working)
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This is a small Docker image which runs the NewRelic Server agent.

It's not working entirely; filesystems are not reporting and Docker reporting is only partially reporting.


Run it with the following required settings:

docker run \
    --pid=host \
    --net=host \
    -v /dev:/dev:ro \
    -v /sys:/sys:ro \
    -v /var/lib/docker.sock:/var/lib/docker.sock:ro \
    -e NEWRELIC_LICENSE_KEY='your licence key here' \


The following environment variables are consumed on boot to configure nrsyslogd:

  • NEWRELIC_LABELS - an optional string with the format Key1:value1;Key2:value2; (that is, a list of key/value pairs separated by colon :, with each pair having a trailing semicolon ; [including the trailing one]).
  • NEWRELIC_HOSTNAME - the hostname nrsyslogd will report the instance as. If you're running on EC2, you can specify the special value %ec2-metadata which will result in the container grabbing the public DNS name of the instance from the EC2 Instance Metadata service.
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