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If you are beta-testing using the TextThresherTester repo, ignore the README below.
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An annotation interface for detailed text annotation by crowdworkers along researcher-defined topics of interest. Under development for the
Deciding Force Project. Currently, this app only runs locally.

Built with React and Redux.

To setup

The backend is supported by Docker. If you do not have it already, you will need to install it.

Once installed, start the Docker application (if on a Mac), then go to the project directory and run:

  1. docker-compose build --no-cache
  2. docker-compose up -d # wait about 10 seconds
  3. ./
  4. npm install
  5. npm run dev

You will only need to run the above commands once. Those will do the preliminary setup for the application by installing the dependencies and seeding the Docker containers to setup the database.

Use docker-compose stop to stop the containers or docker-compose down to both stop and remove the containers.

To develop

You will have to refresh your containers depending on the types of changes that happen as you develop, or when you switch to another git branch.

If you are NOT CERTAIN what has changed in the current commit since the last
time the containers were initialized and started, the most prudent course
is to perform ALL of the following steps. If you want to take a shortcut,
use the following table as a guide. But you should probably perform ALL
the steps and then test your work before submitting a pull request.

To refresh your containers, first stop and remove them with:

  1. docker-compose down
Step Command Restart at this step when:
2. docker-compose build requirements.txt changes
3. docker-compose up -d sample data changes
4. ./
5. npm install package.json changes
6. npm run dev webpack changes
7. npm run build after any changes to front-end code

To view a browsable interface for the queries, navigate to localhost:5000/api/.

For easier front-end development, we recommend
React Dev Tools
and the
Redux Dev Tools.
Other install options for Redux DevTools are discussed in
Redux DevTools Extension README.

Docker Pull Command