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Google Cloud SDKbundle with all components and dependencies
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Google Cloud SDK Docker

This is Docker image for the Google Cloud SDK.

The :latest tag of this image is Debian-based and includes default command
line tools of Google Cloud SDK (gcloud, gsutil, bq) as well as all
additional components.

Supported tags

  • google/cloud-sdk:latest, google/cloud-sdk:VERSION: (large image with
    additional components pre-installed, Debian-based)
  • google/cloud-sdk:slim, google/cloud-sdk:VERSION-slim: (smaller image with
    no components pre-installed, Debian-based)
  • google/cloud-sdk:alpine, google/cloud-sdk:VERSION-alpine: (smallest image
    with no additional components installed, Alpine-based)

→ Check out Docker Hub for available tags.


To use this image, pull from Docker Hub, run the following command:

docker pull google/cloud-sdk:latest

Verify the install

docker run -ti  google/cloud-sdk:latest gcloud version
Google Cloud SDK 159.0.0

or use a particular version number:

docker run -ti google/cloud-sdk:160.0.0 gcloud version

Then, authenticate by running:

docker run -ti --name gcloud-config google/cloud-sdk gcloud auth login

Once you authenticate successfully, credentials are preserved in the volume of
the gcloud-config container.

To list compute instances using these credentials, run the container with

docker run --rm -ti --volumes-from gcloud-config google/cloud-sdk gcloud compute instances list --project your_project
instance-1  us-central1-a  n1-standard-1           RUNNING

:warning: Warning: The gcloud-config container now has a volume
containing your Google Cloud credentials. Do not use gcloud-config volume in
other containers.

Installing additional components

By default, all gcloud components
installed on the default
images (google/cloud-sdk:latest and google/cloud-sdk:VERSION).

The google/cloud-sdk:slim and google/cloud-sdk:alpine images do not contain
additional components pre-installed. You can extend these images by following
the instructions below:

Debian-based images

cd debian_slim/
docker build --build-arg CLOUD_SDK_VERSION=159.0.0 \
    --build-arg INSTALL_COMPONENTS="google-cloud-sdk-datastore-emulator" \
    -t my-cloud-sdk-docker:slim .

Alpine-based images

To install additional components for Alpine-based images, create a Dockerfile
that uses the gcloud image as the base image. For example, to add kubectl and
app-engine-java components:

FROM google/cloud-sdk:alpine
RUN apk --update add openjdk7-jre
RUN gcloud components install app-engine-java kubectl

and run:

docker build  -t my-cloud-sdk-docker:alpine .

Note that in this case, you have to install dependencies of additional
components manually.

Installing different version of gcloud sdk:

docker build -t my-cloud-sdk-docker:alpine --build-arg CLOUD_SDK_VERSION=<release_number> .

Legacy image (Google App Engine based)

The original image in this repository was based off of


The full Dockerfile for that can be found
here for archival as well as in image tag

Cloud SDK Release Tracking

You can also follow the Cloud SDK Release schedule here

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