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Source for the Google-maintained Debian container image: a docker image bundling the stable debian distribution suite.

This image is available at and

The image is built using docker's

For details on how to contribute to this image, see our contribution guidelines.


To use this image in your application, create a Dockerfile that starts with this FROM line:


Then add in any necessary build steps to install packages and your code.

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2 years ago

What is the password for user "git"?
I am trying to push a repo to the docker container, but cannot figure out the password.

2 years ago

I have downloaded both google/debian:wheezy AND debian/wheezy, here are some differences I noticed:

google/debian:wheezy has a size of 88.24 MB debian/wheezy has a size of 85.1 MB

Other differences: google/debian:wheezy has the following utils (while debian/wheezy does not): nano, wget, GIT, vi & vim

So I would presume it could also have other utilities which I have not discovered yet, hence explaining the additional MB in size.

But both has apt-get as you would expect & at the time of this writing, both are at version 7.7 (latest Debian stable version)

Regards, //Wasseem (

3 years ago

I think it is smaller than say dockerfile/ubuntu

3 years ago

What's the purpose of this image? How does it differ from the "official" docker debian images?