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kurento media server
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Providing kurento media server as a container.

Run Kurento Media Server

Run the media server and expose the websocket on local port 8888:

docker run --rm -d -p 8888:8888 -t gortazar/kurento-media-server

Kurento Media Server is run by default with debug level 5 (GST_DEBUG=Kurento*:5) and stderr redirected to stdout (2>&1) so you can use docker logs to inspect output.

Note that /usr/bin/kurento-media-server is defined as the ENTRYPOINT, and the 2>&1 redirection is provided as a CMD argument. So if you provide any argument to the image, it will override the 2>&1 default redirection and you will have to provide it yourself.

Get help about kurento media server

docker run --rm -t gortazar/kurento-media-server --help

Testing the image

Download and run the hello world kurento tutorial

unzip -d kurento-hello-world
cd kurento-hello-world/lib
java -jar

The tutorial starts a web application that is available by default at http://localhost:8080. Click the start button and allow sharing camera and microphone with the application. On the left you'll see what the camera is capturing, this is sent to the media server. On the right you should see the same video as it is sent back by the media server. In this tutorial the video is returned as is. You can check for more tutorials at

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