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Headless instance of JDownloader2
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Headless JDownloader 2 Docker Container

Running the container

  1. Become root:

    sudo su
  2. Create a folder on your host for the configuration files (eg. sudo mkdir /config/jd2)
  3. Run the container:

    docker run -d --name jd2 \
        -v /config/jd2:/opt/JDownloader/cfg \
        -v /home/user/Downloads:/downloads \
  4. Wait a minute for the container to initialize
  5. Stop the container:

    docker stop jd2
  6. On your host, enter your credentials (in quotes) to the file org.jdownloader.api.myjdownloader.MyJDownloaderSettings.json as in:

    { "password" : "mypasswort", "email" : "" }
  7. Start the container:

    docker start jd2

Optional environment variables

Environment Variable Description
UID Specifies the UID the daemon should run as. All created files will be owned by this UID. Defaults to 0 for root.
GID Specifies the GID for all created files. This only works in combination with the UID. Defaults to 0 for root.
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