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Teamspeak 3 Docker Container
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Teamspeak 3 Docker Container

Run the container

  1. Create a folder on your host for the configuration and data files (eg. sudo mkdir /path/to/data)
  2. Run the container:

    docker run -d --name ts3 \
        -v /path/to/data:/data \
        -p 9987:9987/udp -p 10011:10011 -p 30033:30033 \
  3. If the teamspeak server cannot find any configuration and data files the data volume will be initialized with a fresh configuration. You can obtain the admin credentials and token from the log as follows:

    docker logs ts3

Update to a new version

  1. Stop the running instance:

    docker stop ts3
  2. Make shure that all data and configuration is stored outside of the container.
  3. Remove the container:

    docker rm ts3
  4. Create a new instance as described under Run the container

Optional environment variables

Environment Variable Description
UID Specifies the UID the daemon should run as. All created files will be owned by this UID. Defaults to 0 for root.
GID Specifies the GID for all created files. This only works in combination with the UID. Defaults to 0 for root.
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