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This is the build container for the PaaS product page at
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GOV.UK PaaS Product Page

This is the source for the PaaS product page at

It is a Ruby/Sinatra app that makes use of the GOV.UK Elements, Frontend Toolkit and Template libraries.


The following environment variables should be set for correct deployment:

variable required description
ZENDESK_URL yes endpoint url (ie "")
ZENDESK_USER yes user for the api
ZENDESK_TOKEN yes token for the api
ZENDESK_GROUP_ID no group id to send the tickets to



  • Ruby
  • Bundler

You will find:

  • The main application is ./app.rb
  • General content page in ./views/
  • Sass files in ./assets/stylesheets (these will auto compile in dev mode)

To start the server locally in development mode:

ZENDESK_GROUP_ID=123456789 \
make dev

Deploying changes

This application should not be manually deployed to production. A pipeline
in [alphagov/paas-release-ci][]
will automatically deploy changes to the master branch.

You may wish to manually deploy this application to a different
environment in order to test some changes. We've provided a release
script for both build and push for your convinience.

Check in your changes to master.

$ ./release/push

Note: you will need the correct PaaS permissions as well as target your
desired organisation and space.

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