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This is the build container for the PaaS product page at
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GOV.UK PaaS Product Page

This is the source for the PaaS product page at

It is based on:

Running locally

  • bundle install
  • bower install
  • bundle exec middleman server
  • open http://localhost:4567

Using Docker

This application supports docker for release scripts.

To make use of it, follow these steps:

  1. Build the docker image

     $ docker build -t paas-product-page .

    You may also want to install the existing image instead:

     $ docker pull governmentpaas/paas-product-page
  2. Run the image

    With this command, you'll share the current directory with the docker
    container and connect into it.

     $ docker run -ti --rm -v $(pwd):/app -w /app -p paas-product-page ash
  3. Run a desired action

     $ ./release/build
  4. Run a live-reloading server

     $ bundle exec middleman server

    You can then view the site on the host machine at http://localhost:4567/

Deploying changes

This application should not be manually deployed to production. A pipeline
in [alphagov/paas-release-ci][]
will automatically deploy changes to the master branch.

You may wish to manually deploy this application to a different
environment in order to test some changes. We've provided a release
script for both build and push for your convinience.

Check in your changes to master.

$ ./release/push

Note: you will need the correct PaaS permissions as well as target your
desired organisation and space.

Redirection rules

This project adds a custom nginx.conf that supports redirection for a set
of given domains. The domains should be in the Host or X-Forwarded-Host`
(for cloudfront) of the request header.

This is useful for redirecting from an old domain or add a www prefix,
like to

To change configure it, add the environment variable REDIRECT_RULES as follows:,

You can specify variables from nginx, like $request_uri:

Docker Pull Command
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