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isc-dhcpd service based on debian, supports custom configuration
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Yoo DHCP Service Based On Docker

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  • Pull yoo-isc-dhcpd Image
Docker pull goyoo/yoo-isc-dhcpd
  • Custom Configuration

docker kill dhcpd; docker rm dhcpd; docker run --net=host -d --name dhcpd -v /opt/dhcpd:/conf goyoo/yoo-isc-dhcpd

  • Edit File: /opt/dhcpd/custom.conf
subnet netmask {
  option routers;
  option domain-name "localhost";
  option domain-name-servers;
  host host-1-1 { hardware ethernet 00:25:91:fd:f9:9d; fixed-address;}
  host host-1-2 { hardware ethernet 00:25:91:fc:9b:e9; fixed-address;}
  • RUN Service
docker run --net=host  -d --name dhcpd -v /opt/dhcpd:/conf   goyoo/yoo-isc-dhcpd
  • Error response from daemon: Conflict, try to rm old image and run again
docker kill  dhcpd;
docker rm dhcpd;
  • NOTE: You can replace /opt/dhcpd folder as you want.

Furthermore Configuration

if you want to replace dhcpd.conf, just simple add dhcpd.conf file in /opt/dhcpd/ folder.

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