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container for testing gpgl console
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GPL PHP GPG Locker Console

PHP 7 command line symfony console application to manage passwords and data
secured with The GNU Privacy Guard.


Download the latest release, set it executable:

curl -sSL | egrep -o '/gpgl/console/releases/download/[0-9\.]*/gpgl.phar"' | head -c-2 | wget --base= -i - -O gpgl && chmod +x gpgl

Move it to a good path. For example: make it available system-wide:

sudo mv gpgl /usr/local/bin/

After installing, run without any arguments to see a list of commands:


Use the -h flag with any command to get help with usage:

gpgl <command> -h


The tests require access to a GPG keyring with specific secret keys present,
and the integration suite needs an active server running with database fixtures.

This consistent environment is loaded in the pre-built Docker container.

docker run --rm -it -v "$PWD":/code/console gpgl/test-console

Code coverage HTML reports are generated in the ./tests/coverage folder.

php -S localhost:8686 -t ./tests/coverage/

You can customize the container entry command script in run.bash.

docker run --rm -it -v "$PWD"/tests/docker/run.bash:/run.bash -v "$PWD":/code/console gpgl/test-console

When developing new features which cross-cut console, core, and server,
you can mount volumes for all the source directories into the container.
It's convenient to locally house all three repositories in one folder.

├── console
├── core
└── server

Then delete the core library from the console's vendor directory
and symlink your local copy.

rm -rf ./vendor/gpgl/core
ln -s ../../../core/ ./vendor/gpgl/core

Your directory structure should look like this:

├── console
│   └── vendor
│       ├── ...
│       └── gpgl
│           └── core -> ../../../core/
├── core
└── server

And finally run the container mounting all your local volumes.

docker run --rm -it -v "$PWD":/code/console -v "$PWD"/../core:/code/core -v "$PWD"/../server:/code/server gpgl/test-console

You may also want to override environment variables for server set in Dockerfile.

If you want to change the server database test fixtures,
the sqlite database is mounted at the root of the container.

docker run --rm -it -v /path/to/database.sqlite:/database.sqlite -v "$PWD":/code/console gpgl/test-console

The Dockerfile is included for customizing fixtures and platform dependencies.

docker build -t gpgl/test-console:MyTag ./tests/docker
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