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GPII Statistical MatchMaker
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GPII Statistical Matchmaker Dockerfile

This repository is used to build Statistical Matchmaker Docker images.

Port(s) Exposed

  • 8077 TCP

Base Docker Image

Download using either of the following commands:

docker pull gpii/stmm

docker pull gpii/stmm:<first seven characters of a git commit hash>

Run stmm

docker run \
-d \
--rm=true \
--name="stmm" \
-p 8077:8077 \

Build your own image

In order to build an image the Statistical MatchMaker Git repository working directory should exist wherever the contents of this directory are saved. For transparent image versioning that maps directly to the official Git repository each new image should be tagged using the repository's short commit hash. For example:

git clone

docker build --rm=true -t <your name>/stmm:$(git --git-dir=GPII-Statistical-Matchmaker/.git --work-tree=GPII-Statistical-Matchmaker rev-parse --short HEAD) .
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