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The Cloudera Manager Agent image


This image is a part of the docker-cmf images. The original aim is to deploy a Hadoop cluster with the Cloudera Manager.
In this repo, we have made the choice of running all hadoop services as sub-processes of the cloudera agent.


see @Running section to see all examples.

Info: The agent hostname need to respect the RFC 952 in order to works the cloudera server.

# Quick and dirty example
docker run -dt --hostname $(hostname -f) -p 9000:9000 cmf-agent --master master_fqdn:7180


All images are bases on the official CentOS-7.1 image.


By default, the image run the cmf-agent command with some default values:

  • parcel_dir set to /cmf/parcels
  • logdir set to /cmf/log
  • lib_dir set to /cmf/lib
  • logfile set to /cmf/log/cloudera-scm-agent/cloudera-scm-agent.log.

The cmf master location is provides by CMD, the default value is --master cmf-master:7180.


Hadoop and Agent use many ports. In standalone or network/swarm mode, you can run the image without adding a port translation.
But if you want bind the container with the host's ports, you have to add some -p options.

Agent ports:

  • -p 9000:9000: Communication between the server and agents.

HDFS services:


There is a unique mount point /cmf. This path contains 3 directories:

  • /cmf/parcels/: Location of Parcel repository root directory.
  • /cmf/log/: Directory where to store sub-process log files.
  • /cmf/lib/: Agent's persistent state directory.

Hadoop leverages independant data mount points. If you want to use this image in production, you have to add your data mount points at the runtime.
Because each environment is different, no /data/* volumes have been declared.


The stdout logs every events of the agent' stdout like the default behavior.
Hadoop sub-processes log by default in /cmf/log/<service-name>/ like the agent does without docker.

Environment vars

There are 2 env vars set. You can override them with -e option.

  • SCM_DEBUG: INFO (default) or DEBUG, set the Agent's log level.
  • CMF_CONF_DIR: /cmf/config, use to override the Agent's properties.

How to use this image


There is not specific information about the build. You have to just read the Dockerfile.
You can reuse this image in order to set static some vars.

FROM gpolaert/cmf-agent:5.5.1
ADD custom_agent_config.ini /cmf/config/config.ini


Standalone (local containers)
# local mode (linked with cmf-server)
docker_hostname=$(hostname -f)
docker run \
  --name cmf-agent \ 
  --hostname $docker_hostname \
  --link cmf-server:cmf-server \
  -dt cmf-agent 
Network/Swarm or NetNS with volume option
# Hostname (prevent RFC 592)
docker_hostname=$(hostname -f)

## Network
# Overlay
docker network create -d overlayd $docker_network
# Net namespace

## Volumes management (data)
docker_volumes=$(index=0;for path in $(find /data -type d -name "*$cluster_name");do echo " -v $path:/data/$index:rw";index=$((index+1));done)

## Persistant volumes
# log
docker_volumes=$docker_volumes -v /docker_volumes/$cluster_name-cmf-agent/log:/cmf/log:rw
# parcels (shared by all agents)
docker_volumes=$docker_volumes -v /media/nfs/docker_volumes/parcels:/cmf/parcels:rw
# lib 
docker_volumes=$docker_volumes -v /docker_volumes/$cluster_name-cmf-agent/lib:/cmf/lib:rw

docker run \
  --name $cluster_name-cmf-agent \
  --hostname $docker_hostname \
  --network=$docker_network \
  $docker_volumes \
  -dt cmf-agent --master cmf-server:7182
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