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Docker image of a lgogdownloader WebUI
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Docker image of a WebUI lgogwebui for
lgogdownloader, an download
manager for Linux.


docker-compose build


The container will run as the user specified by LOCAL_USER_ID variable if it
was set or as user with ID=1000.

It will mount $GOG_DIR inside the container as the folder where downloaded
games will be stored. To change edit the docker-compose.yml file.

It will mount your ~/.cache/lgogdownloader and ~/.config/lgogdownloader folders
inside the container and start bash with TTY. While inside the container you
can execute lgogdownloader as usual. Make sure that all three folders exists
before starting the container. If a folder is missing it will be created with
owner set to root.

Example with GOG_DIR set to ~/GOG:

mkdir ~/GOG
mkdir ~/.cache/lgogdownloader
mkdir ~/.config/lgogdownloader
GOG_DIR=$HOME/GOG docker-compose run -d -e LOCAL_USER_ID=$UID -p graag/lgogwebui
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