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Docker image of a lgogdownloader WebUI
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Docker image of a WebUI lgogwebui for
lgogdownloader, an download
manager for Linux.


docker-compose build


The container will run as the user executing the docker-compose command if the
UID variable is exported or as user with ID=1000.

It will mount $GOG_DIR inside the container as the folder where downloaded
games will be stored. To change edit the docker-compose.yml file.

It will mount your ~/.cache/lgogdownloader and ~/.config/lgogdownloader folders
inside the container. Make sure that all three folders exists
before starting the container. If a folder is missing it will be created with
owner set to root.

To access the interface go to https://localhost:8080. The SSL certificate used
is selfsigned therefore on the first load browsers will display a warning.

Example with GOG_DIR set to ~/GOG:

mkdir ~/GOG
mkdir ~/.cache/lgogdownloader
mkdir ~/.config/lgogdownloader
export UID
GOG_DIR=$HOME/GOG docker-compose up -d

To stop the container:

docker-compose down

To access the logs:

docker logs lgogwebui

To execute lgogdownloader directly inside running container:

docker exec -it -u user lgogwebui lgogdownloader


The lgogdownloader settings can be adjusted by modifing the ~/.config/lgogdownloader/config.cfg.

For example to enable additional languages change the language setting, e.g for polish:

language = pl,en

Currently the exclude pattern is hard coded at: extras,covers.

Proxy integration

For integration with existing proxy use the docker-compose-bare.yml. This will
run lgogwebui listening on and can be used as backend in your

Example with GOG_DIR set to ~/GOG:

mkdir ~/GOG
mkdir ~/.cache/lgogdownloader
mkdir ~/.config/lgogdownloader
export UID
GOG_DIR=$HOME/GOG docker-compose -f docker-compose-bare.yml up -d


To run the container with direct access to the lgogwebui code one should mount local lgogwebui clone inside the container.

Example with GOG_DIR set to ~/GOG and lgogwebui cloned at ~/lgogwebui

git clone
mkdir ~/GOG
mkdir ~/.cache/lgogdownloader
mkdir ~/.config/lgogdownloader
export UID
GOG_DIR=$HOME/GOG SRC_DIR=$HOME/Soft/GitHub/lgogwebui docker-compose -f docker-compose-dev.yml up -d
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