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A nodejs image with AWS Elastic Beanstalk CLI, great for CI systems
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Based on cirlceci/node, tags follow the nodejs releases (8.11.1 = nodejs 8.11.1).


Many CI platforms are container based these days, this makes them easy to run and maintain but most images only work for other container based platforms (such as Google Kubernetes Engine). This image allows you to run nodejs operations and then make use of the AWS Elastic Beanstalk CLI to carry out deployment steps if you wish.

This image directly uses the cirlceci/node as a base image meaning you can carry out all operations from this image that you can with those ones. Some of the included tools are: git, ssh, tar, ca-certificates, curl, wget. The image also contains docker tools such as docker, docker-compose, and dockerize.

Other information

This image does not support the browser variant of circleci/node.

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