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Providing for Mesos development.
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This image is used for Mesos developing, as a developer, we always need to change some code in Mesos master, but we do not want to rebuild this image every time after changing code. So this image does not containers some Mesos master build files, and it required to build the Mesos firstly, and mount the DESTDIR to /opt/mesosinstall directory in this image.

Example to start the Mesos master with this image:

# docker run -d \
-v /opt/mesosinstall:/opt/mesosinstall \
--privileged \
--name mesos-master --net host gradywang/mesos-master \

In above example, we assume that:

  1. You have ran command make install DESTDIR=/opt/mesosinstall after your mesos build done.
  2. You have start the zookeeper service on


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