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The official Grafana docker container
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The official Grafana docker image

Running your Grafana image

Start your image binding the external port 3000.

docker run -i -p 3000:3000 grafana/grafana

Try it out, default admin user is admin/admin.

Configuring your Grafana container

All options defined in conf/grafana.ini can be overriden using environment variables, for example:

docker run -i -p 3000:3000 \
Docker Pull Command

Comments (26)
6 days ago

If we update the config file to use a database, Grafana tries to create a data directory in the homepath. Since that path is owned by root and grafana-server is running as grafana, it fails and essentially can't proceed. Can we have the homepath chowned to grafana.grafana as well as we do for GF_PATHS_DATA and GF_PATHS_LOGS.

2 months ago

Hello, why I need to provide my dockerhub credentials to pull this image? Is this suppose to be the "offcial" "public" image?

3 months ago

If this is an "official" image, why You don't user the "library" namespace, like other real official images ?

4 months ago

You are missing double bracket GF_SECURITY_ADMIN_PASSWORD=secret"

6 months ago

How to install plugins? I need to create my own image?

6 months ago

latest --> v4.0.1,
maybe is better if you point it to
latest --> v4.1.1


6 months ago

as yangkwang has already asked: why is it not possible to enter using the dafault admin/admin user?

7 months ago

latest tag broken:
error: exec failed: permission denied

7 months ago

Looks like the latest tag is not pointing to the real latest version for now (4.0.2). When you run latest image the actual version is 4.0.1 for some reason.