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Deployment Docker base image for Python 2.7 web applications under Debian (Jessie).
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This project contains Docker images for building and deploying Python web
applications based around the warpdrive

The warp0 designation indicates this variant is for development and
testing only and should not be used for production. Versions suitable for
production usage will be designated with name warpX, where X tracks
the major version of warpdrive.

Pre-built versions of the Docker images can be found on Docker Hub as:

The Docker images have been enabled for use with Source to Image
(S2I) and can be used with OpenShift.

Image stream object definitions for OpenShift to allow the S2I builders to
be used from the OpenShift UI can be found in openshift.json. This
can be loaded into OpenShift using:

os create -f openshift.json
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