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Imagr Server

This Docker image runs Imagr Server. The container expects a linked PostgreSQL database container.


Several options, such as the timezone and admin password are customizable using environment variables.

  • ADMIN_PASS: The default admin's password. This is only set if there are no other superusers, so if you choose your own admin username and password later on, this won't be created.
  • DOCKER_IMAGR_TZ: The desired timezone. Defaults to Europe/London.
  • DOCKER_IMAGR_ADMINS: The admin user's details. Defaults to Docker User, docker@localhost.

If you require more advanced settings, you can override with your own. A good starting place can be found on this image's Github repository.

  -v /usr/local/docker/imagr/settings/

#Postgres container

Out of the box, Imagr uses a SQLite database, however if you are running it in a production environment, it is recommended that you use a Postgres Database.
I have created a Postgres container that is set up ready to use with Imagr Server - just tell it where you want to store your data, and pass it some environment variables for the database name, username and password.

$ docker pull grahamgilbert/postgres
$ docker run -d --name="postgres-imagr" \
  -v /db:/var/lib/postgresql/data \
  -e DB_NAME=imagr \
  -e DB_USER=admin \
  -e DB_PASS=password \
  --restart="always" \

#Running the Imagr Server Container

$ docker run -d --name="imagr" \
  -p 80:8000 \
  --link postgres-imagr:db \
  -e ADMIN_PASS=pass \
  -e DB_NAME=imagr \
  -e DB_USER=admin \
  -e DB_PASS=password \
  --restart="always" \
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