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This image comprises of a Puppet Server that uses Sal to validate certificate signing requests. See the end of the readme for a example csr_attributes.yaml.


This image extends (grahamgilbet/puppetserver)[]. For full usage instructions for that image, see it's repository.

Environment variables

  • SAL_PUPPETSERVER_URL: The URL of your Sal server. Defaults to http://sal
  • SAL_PUPPETSERVER_PRIVATE_KEY: Your Sal API Private Key. Defaults to 123
  • SAL_PUPPETSERVER_PUBLIC_KEY: Your Sal API Public Key. Defaults to 123

Example csr_attributes.yaml

Where mySerialNumber is the Mac's serial mumber and facter_virtual is the output of facter virtual.

extension_requests: mySerialNumber facter_virtual

Known issues

For some reason the script that replaces the environment variables isn't running. As a work around, you can do something like the following:

docker exec -ti puppetserver /
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