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This project is playSMS docker image project with the gateway..
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To build the image yourname/playsms, execute the following command on the docker-playsms folder:

docker build -t yourname/playsms .

Push your new image to the docker hub:

docker push yourname/playsms

Setting up AT

  1. From the link: Manage gateway and SMSC
  2. Top up the Admin Account and set SMS rate.
  3. Create outbound route.


Pull/download the image from docker hub:

docker pull grahamingokho/playsmsafricastalking

Run this for installation, just the first time:

docker run -d -p 2222:22 -p 80:80 grahamingokho/playsmsafricastalking

Get <CONTAINER_ID> of your image:

docker ps -l

Follow logs:

docker logs -f <CONTAINER_ID>

Once sshd runs, change the default shell or SSH root password:

ssh -p 2222 root@localhost
passwd root

Change the password to your own secure password. The default shell or SSH root password is changemeplease


Start your container:

docker start <CONTAINER_ID>

Stop your container:

docker stop <CONTAINER_ID>

Running command inside the container:

docker exec <CONTAINER_ID> <COMMAND>

Example of running command playsmsd check on CONTAINER_ID dce34421e079:

docker exec dce34421e079 playsmsd check
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