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Bamboo Docker image based on durdn image for JIRA
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Bamboo Docker image

This folder contains the Dockerfile and associated files for the grahamrb/atlassian-bamboo docker image based on the durdn atlassian suite of Docker images (specifically copied from the jira Dockerfile).

Database connection

The connection to the database can be specified with an URL of the format:

[database type]://[username]:[password]@[host]:[port]/[database name]

Where database type is either mysql or postgresql and the full URL might look like this:


When a database url is specified Bamboo will skip the database configuration step in the setup.


Configuration options are set by setting environment variables when running the image. What follows it a table of the supported variables:


Context path of the bamboo webapp. You can set this to add a path prefix to the url used to access the webapp. i.e. setting this to bamboo will change the url to http://localhost:8085/bamboo/. The value ROOT is reserved to mean that you don't want a context path prefix. Defaults to ROOT


Connection URL specifying where and how to connect to a database dedicated to bamboo. This variable is optional and if specified will cause the Bamboo setup wizard to skip the database setup set.

Exposed Ports

port 8085 is exposed as the default port the Bamboo web ui listens on.

port 54663 is also exposed, this port is used by Bamboo remote agents to communicate with the master. Atlassian documents call this the bamboo broker port.

Recommended Container Creation Commands

It is recommended to start this image with the base postgres image running along side to store the data. Below are some comments that would start 4 containers to provide the bamboo container, postgres container and a data container for each. In the example commands below the ubuntu image is used for data containers, feel free to use your preferre data container base image.

Postgres Data Container

sudo docker run -d -v /dbdata --name bamboo-postgres-data ubuntu echo Data-only container for postgres

Postgres Database Container

You may want to replace the POSTGRES_USER and POSTGRES_PASSWORD fields with something different, this isn't mandatory as the postgre container is only exposed to the Bamboo container and so is fairly secure.

sudo docker run --name bamboo-postgres \
--volumes-from bamboo-postgres-data \
--env PGDATA=/dbdata \
--env POSTGRES_USER=somebamboouser \
--env POSTGRES_PASSWORD=somebamboopassword \
-d postgres

Bamboo Data Container

sudo docker run -d -v /opt/atlassian-home --name bamboo-data ubuntu echo Data-only container for bamboo

Bamboo Application Container

Relies on Docker to add an entry to the hosts file when linking the container (which in the case is postgres). Make sure you update the username and password in the command below to match those set when creating the postgres container.

sudo docker run -d --name bamboo \
--volumes-from bamboo-data \
--env DATABASE_URL=postgresql://somebamboouser:somebamboopassword@postgres/postgres \
--link bamboo-postgres:postgres \
-p 8085:8085 grahamrb/atlassian-bamboo
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