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Provides a containerized headless version of Coppelia Robotics V-REP simulator.
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This image allows you to run V-REP EDU on headless mode inside Docker containers.

How to use

Create a new Dockerfile anywhere in your file system, and copy your V-REP scene file (e.g. my_awesome_scene.ttt) in the same directory. The content of your Dockerfile should look like this:

FROM gramaziokohler/vrep:latest
ADD my_awesome_scene.ttt /home/$USER/scene.ttt

Build container

Building the container is straightforward:

$ docker build -t my_docker_name/my_awesome_scene .

Running the container

Once built, you're ready to start it as many times are you need:

$ docker run -P -d my_docker_name/my_awesome_scene

By default, the port will be selected randomly, if you want to fix it, use:

$ docker run -p 19997:19997 -d my_docker_name/my_awesome_scene 
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