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Graphcool Dashboard
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Graphcool Dashboard

šŸš€ Official source of written in Typescript 2 and based on React & Relay


Milestone M4

  • You seem to spend most of your time in the data browser, so in order to improve it, we've taken the time to completely reimplement it. It was worth it! Introducing many new features and improvements such as:
    • Smooth infinite scrolling āš”ļø
    • Improved UX when editing and creating nodes (supports tab key)
    • Fixed: Reloading doesn't reset the data browser any more
  • Setting up relations should be a lot easier now. You will be guided through the process and see directly which mutations will be added to the GraphQL schema.

See here for a full list of all changes (features/bug fixes).


master dev
# install dependencies
npm install
# run local server on :4000 using the offical Graphcool API
env BACKEND_ADDR="" npm start

IDE Setup (Webstorm)

We use a different version of TypeScript than the default Webstorm TypeScript compiler. That's why you have to do the following to get rid of all TypeScript errors.
Please run npm install before the setup.

  1. Go to the Preferences (macOS: "āŒ˜ + ,") window
  2. In the left list menu select Languages & Frameworks > TypeScript
  3. Click on the Edit... button in the Common Panel
  4. Select Custom directory
  5. Browse to your project directory and then select node_modules/typescript/lib and click OK
  6. Click OK again in the Configure TypeScript Compiler
  7. Click OK in the Preference window

Help & Community

Join our Slack community if you run into issues or have questions. We love talking to you!

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