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Interact with your Neo4j store like never before, and create interactive dashboards and applications
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InterActor is a graph-driven dashboard development environment. It uses a Neo4j graph-database to store user-interface components (e.g. Networks, Tables, Forms) in vertices ("nodes") and triggers in edges ("links" or "relations") to define the interactions and data-flows between the UI components.

The Community Edition has limited functionality, but can be used freely for non commercial applications. The use of InterActor Community Edition is subject to the InterActor Community Edition End User License Agreement.

Community Edition Features for Dashboard Users

  • Use the default dashboard to interact with Neo4j without writing Cypher
  • Save node constellations as Diagrams
  • Use NodeHistory and CypherHistory for fast access to recently viewed nodes and content
  • Explore your graph in a controlled way
  • Download example Cypher statements to create new interactions
  • Design your own styles for nodes and relations

Community Edition Features for Designers

  • Create new interactions with Networks, Tables, Forms, HtmlViews
  • Organize interactions in Dashboards

Documentation and examples available at

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