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Apache DS in a Docker Container

Apache DS is a Java implementation of Directory server (LDAP). This projects puts it into container and makes it easier to configure and bootstrap it with some data.

Apache DS Page that explains what it is.

Docker registry entry for this container.

Running container

Simply run the container with docker:

docker run -d -p 10389:10389 greggigon/apacheds

This starts a default instance of Apache DS running on port 10389 with no SSL. It has a default admin user and password and all default Apache DS schemas.

user: uid=admin,ou=system password: secret


Container has two volumes defined:

  • /data - if you want to persiste container data somewhere
  • /bootstrap - for configuration, schema and bootstraping file


If you want to bootstrap Apache DS with a specific schema mount a bootstrap volume and place Apache DS specific schema in it.

docker run -d -p 10389:10389 -v /onmyhost:/bootstrap greggigon/apacheds

Sample schema can be found in a sample/schema.tar in this GitHub repository.

If you want to use specific config.ldif to setup Apache DS place it in the mounted volume for /bootstrap directory. Container will pick it up automaticaly.

If you have some extra data you want to put into Directory, you can place a file in the /bootstrap mounting folder and setup Environment variable BOOTSTRAP_FILE.

docker run -d -p 10389:10389 -v /onmyhost:/bootstrap -e BOOTSTRAP_FILE=/bootstrap/the-file.ldif greggigon/apacheds


sample folder containes example schema, example config file and example of a data creation in LDAP upon bootstrap.

Pull request for contributions are always WELCOME! :)

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