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Short Description
MariaDB galera cluster, designed to work with docker 1.13+ swarm mode with zero config
Full Description

MariaDb Galera Cluster

This Docker container is based on the official Docker mariadb:10.1 image and is designed to be
compatible with auto-scheduling systems, specifically Docker Swarm Mode (1.13+).
However, it could also work with manual scheduling (docker run) by specifying the correct
environment variables or possibly other scheduling systems that use similar conventions.

By using DNS resolution to discover other nodes they don't have to be specified explicitly.

Example (Docker 1.13 Swarm Mode)

 $ docker stack deploy -c docker-stack.yml app-env

Environment Variables

maria/mysql vars (

  • MYSQL_CONFD (defaults to /etc/mysql/conf.d)
  • MYSQL_DATABASE (optional - defaults to substring before - in SERVICE_NAME)
  • MYSQL_PASSWORD (optional - defaults to hash based on MYSQL_USER and MYSQL_ROOT_PASSSWORD)
  • MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD (optional - defaults to random)
  • MYSQL_USER (optional - dfaults to MYSQL_DATABASE name)
  • DATADIR (defaults to /var/lib/mysql)

Cluster vars (

  • CLUSTER_CNF (optional - defaults to $MYSQL_CONFD)
  • CLUSTER_MEMBERS (optional - comma seperated list)
  • CLUSTER_MINIMUM (optional defaults to 2)
  • CLUSTER_NAME (optional - defaults to $SERVICE_NAME-cluster)
  • CLUSTER_PRIMARY (optional - defaults to lowest ip in cluster)
  • CLUSTER_SEQNO (defaults to seqno value in grastate.dat)
  • CLUSTER_STB (defaults to safe_to_bootstrap value in grastate.dat)
  • CLUSTER_UUID (defaults to uuid value in grastate.dat)
  • CLUSTER_WEIGHT (defaults to ip sort order)
  • GRASTATE_DAT (defaults to $DATADUR/grastate.dat)
  • WSREP_PASSWORD (optional - defaults to hash based on WSREP_USER and MYSQL_ROOT_PASSSWORD)
  • WSREP_USER (optional - defaults to xtrabackup)

Docker swarm vars (

  • CONTAINER_NAME (defaults to coantiner name in stack/compose file)
  • FQDN (defaults to eth0 docker dns fqdn)
  • NODE_ADDRESS (optional - defaults to ip address of eth0)
  • SERVICE_COUNT (optional - defaults to number of SERVICE_MEMBERS)
  • SERVICE_HOSTNAME (optional defaults to docker dns name)
  • SERVICE_INSTANCE (optional - defaults to service container number)
  • SERVICE_MEMBERS (optional - defaults to comma seperated list of ip's in service)
  • SERVICE_NAME (optional - defaults to docker service name )

Providing secrets through files

It's also possible to configure the sensitive variables (especially passwords)
by providing files. This makes it easier, for example, to integrate with
Docker Swarm's secret support
added in Docker 1.13.0.

The path to the secret file may be provided in environment variables:

  • MYSQL_PASSWORD_FILE (optional)


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